Basic Spoken English for Communication

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Enrolled: 207 students
Duration: 3 Months
Lectures: 13
Level: Beginner


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Basic Spoken English

Certificate in Easy English Expert

DURATION : 3 Months

Eligibility : 10th

Course Curriculum

  • Are you looking to gain confidence speaking in a wide range of situations? Do you have a good level of English but lack the confidence to use it at work? We can help you build your confidence and become an active participant in any conversation. With our Spoken English course you will:Talk, practice, and improve your fluency and accuracy
    improve your pronunciation, intonation, use of pauses and other strategies
    widen and strengthen your vocabulary
    interact and debate with other students, make presentations and build your confidence in a safe environment.Whether you are a student or a professional, a home-maker or a businessman, your English communication skill needs to be perfect. TechoLab helps to reinvent and recreate your personality with spoken English skills. Our highly-qualified teachers not just help the learners improve their reading, writing, listening, and English speaking skills, but also build their confidence. Sign up for our fluent English speaking course.

For admission in Spoken English please visit our admission website : https://technolab/course/Spoken English

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Spoken English for Communication

Introducing yourself
Introducing people and relationship
Vocabulary for Greetings and Courtesy
Common classroom questions
Introduction to phonetic sounds through examples.
Oral Drilling of simple commands and statements
Learning about occupations
Talking about favorite things.
Conversations on—–describing people
Expressing likes and dislikes
Telephoning English
Role play on Moral stories
English Tongue Twisters
Learn beginner to advanced English Speaking skills Understand and use English grammar Master English vocabulary and native phrases Build confidence in English Language Develop complete English conversation skills Improve English listening ability
Yes, our courses will help you improve your grammar through introducing you to phrases that you can easily use and be fluent especially in presentations, interviews, group discussions, extempore, conversations etc. You will be introduced to vocabulary with plenty of interactive exercises for practice and as well as guidance and feedback from your teacher.
Through the Spoken English course, you will go into thorough detail understanding of what to do to perform better in group discussions, presentations, extempore, interviews and overall build your communication skills along with accuracy and fluency to converse in English. You will be able to apply this to a variety of situations and present your ideas more confidently and clearly
The Spoken English course is a specialist course with emphasis on improving your speaking skills and will help you build your confidence as you improve grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation

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