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Enrolled: 210 students
Duration: 4 Months
Lectures: 9
Level: Advanced


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Monday 9:30 am - 6.00 pm
Tuesday 9:30 am - 6.00 pm
Wednesday 9:30 am - 6.00 pm
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Tally Expert

Certificate in Tally ERP Expert Course

DURATION : 4 Months

Eligibility : 10th

By enrolling in Tally ERP you will learn :

Accounting through Tally basics like debits and credits that will help you understand and post entries with confidence.

How to use Tally in middle of the financial year and transfer accounts data from physical Trial Balance to Tally.

Set up details of stock, and filter reports like availability of certain stock with particular feature.

For example: How many laptops with i5 processor are available in your store.

Bank Reconciliation – Match bank statement entries with your records of bank entries.

Learn about implementing absolutely necessary and advanced GST topics like GST Set-Off, Reverse Charge, Goods Transport Agency and how to enter its related multiple journal entries in Tally.

Learn complete Corporate Payroll(Employee attendance) set up that complies with Govt. prescribed deduction rates.

Learn Manufacturing Process where you can arrive at cost of item you manufacture, from cost of various parts/components involved in making up of product.

And in between, learn to customize sales invoice number format that looks like – BN/001/19-20 and much more.

Learn above topics with completeness unlike short courses that teaches at basic level or long courses that takes more time than required.

Learn not just to use Tally but also think of maintaining compliant bookkeeping practices.

Course Curriculum

  • Company Creation
  • Accounting & Inventory Masters
  • Accounting & Inventory Vouchers
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Outstanding Report
  • GST Implement & Return Preparation Also Include TDS, ESIC, PF
  • Job Costing
  • Complete Payroll (Salary) Processing
  • Advance Topics : Budget, Voucher Numbering, Voucher Class, Sales / Purchase Order Processing, BOM,
  • manufacturing voucher, Price List etc.

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For Admission visit our admission website : https://technolab/course/Tally Expert

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Company Creation
Bank Reconciliation
Accounting & Inventory Vouchers
Accounting & Inventory Masters
BOM, Manufacting Voucher, Price List etc.
Voucher Numbering, Voucher Class, Sales / Purchase Order Processing,
Outstanding Report GST Implement & Return Preparation
TDS, ESIC, PF Job Costing
Complete Payroll (Salary) Processing
Beginner Tally User Business Individuals Willing to Learn Computerized Accounting to Save Time Anyone looking for Accounting Job. Anyone Looking for Easy GST Compliance
This course is created keeping in mind about day to day tasks that an accountant has to perform. Other courses simply show how Tally works but doesn't show how to solve the problem using Tally. This course will show you how to use Tally like a professional, meeting all your bookkeeping requirements. You will gain solid foundation of Tally. You will find maintaining accounts an easy task, comfortably.

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